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In the News

Article in League City Connection about Mendel Cotlar OBM
He stood up for children who were being teased at school and warmly welcomed visiting adults at synagogue. He laughed often, but he took his torah studies seriously.
David Nesenoff to speak at Chabad Bay Area
Blogger, filmmaker, songwriter and whistleblower David Nesenoff will be speaking in the Houston area on Wednesday, Jan. 13, and Thursday, Jan 14. Open to the entire community, Nesenoff’s appearance is sponsored by Chabad of The Woodlands and Chabad of the Bay Area, respectively. He will speak on media bias, anti-Semitism and Jewish identity in modern times.
Feature story on Chabad of the Bay Area in the Jewish Herald Voice - March 2015
Young Chabad couple serves space center community
Featured in: Galveston Daily News
There’s no official history on New Year’s resolutions, but many if not most, religions permit the making of vows of various sorts. In present-day culture, these promises often focus on diet, addictions, relationships and the use of free time.
Featured in: Galveston Daily News
You may be fit as a fiddle and looking younger every day. You may follow every doctor’s health advice religiously, but whatever you do, you’ll never live long enough to see Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlap again as they will next week. It’s a once-in-many-lifetimes event. So how do sages celebrate this confluence?
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