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Tuesday: Free Opening Lesson of "WHAT IS?"

Join us this Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30 pm for the free opening lesson of the FASCINATING new JLI course, What Is?


Rethinking Everything we Know About Our Universe 

  • WHO IS G‑D?

All explored from the amazing insight of Talmud, Kabbalah and Chassidus. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover!

  • Free Opening Lesson: Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30 pm
  • Come and see for yourself - try the first lesson free of charge and commitment. No reservation required.   
  • To register for the course click here or call us at 281-724-1554.  

Watch the trailer

Might have to miss a class? We'll gladly you provide you with an MP3 recording. 

Mega Challah Bake - Reservations Open!

Mega Challah Bake

Jewish women and girls (10+) join together for an evening of hands-on baking, unity and inspiration! Discover the joy and deep spiritual significance of creating your very own handmade Challah for Shabbat, from mixing, to kneading, braiding and topping!

All supplies included. Come home with your delicious Challah and your official Mega Challah Bake apron! Delicious dessert refreshments will be served. 

Suggested Cover: 
$18 Admission
$36 Contributor / $180 Sponsor
Contributors of $36 and over will be entered into a raffle for an award-winning kosher cookbook. 

Reservations now open! 

View OnlineRSVP Form

Invite your friends to join as well! Facebook Event page

Shabbat Schedule

  • Coffee and Kabbalah at 9:00 am
    Topic: Charity - Its extraordinary spiritual power

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Torah portion & rabbi's remarks at around 11 am
    Torah portion of Tazria-Metzorah

    After the service: enjoy a light Kiddush lunch with hot cholent!

Join us for: Sunday Tefillin & Breakfast!

BagelsJoin us this Sunday morning for WrapStars!

Featuring a Tefillin wrap, light breakfast and a short Torah thought. 

Sunday at 9:00 am 

For men 13 and older. Beginners welcome! You don't have to have your own Tefillin to participate.

Last Days of Passover (Fri & Shabbat)

Thursday Eve, April 5 - Eve of 7th Day of Passover 

  • Light Holiday Candles at 7:23 pm

Friday, April 6 - 7th Day of Passover ("Shvi'i Shel Pesach")

  • SERVICE: Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Followed by Kiddush and Fruit
  • Light Shabbat Candles (from pre-existing flame) at 7:24 pm

Shabbat, April 7 - Final Day of Passover ("Acharon Shel Pesach")

  • Coffee & Kabbalah Class at 9:00 am 
  • SERVICE: Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am 
    Includes YIZKOR memorial service at around 11:00 am
    Followed by Kiddush and Fruit
  • Passover Ends at 8:19 pm

Coffee & Kabbalah

Join us for Coffee & Kabbalah this Shabbat morning at 9:00 am!

Topic this week: 
Cosmic Reach: How Our Actions Influence the World's Destiny

Passover Schedule

Friday, March 30 - The Day Before Passover

  • Fast of the Firstborn (more info)
  • Early morning is the very last chance to Sell Your Chametz (sell your chametz now online in 60 seconds)
  • Finish eating chametz by 11:19 am
  • Finish burning remaining (unsold) chametz by 12:22 pm. We'll be hosting a Chametz burning 11:30 am to 12:00 pm at Shlomi & Samantha's backyard (contact our office for address)
  • Light the Passover candles at 7:20 pm (Blessings)
  • SERVICE: Short Evening Prayer Service (Maariv) at 7:30 pm. At Chabad Bay Area, 2047 W. Main St, Suite B7.
  • Community Seder will be held at the Rabbi's home at 8:00 pm. Advance RSVP required.
  • First Seder after nightfall. Key Mitzvot of the Seder are eating matzah, maror (bitter herbs), drinking four cups of wine and relating the story of the Exodus (Seder guide).

Shabbat, March 31 - 1st Day of Passover 

  • SERVICE: Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Join us for this special Shabbat Passover service!
    Festive Hallel
    Torah reading
    Followed by Kiddush & Fruit

Saturday Evening - Second Seder

  • Light holiday candles (from a pre-existing flame) after 8:14 pm
  • Begin "Counting of The Omer
  • 2nd Seder follows same order as first

Sunday, April 1 - Second Day of Passover

  • SERVICE: Passover Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Brief Torah discussion on theme of the day
    Followed by Kiddush & Fruit 
  • First part of Holiday ends at 8:15 pm

Intermediate Days of Passover ("Chol Hamo'ed") 

  • Monday, April 2 thru Thursday, April 5


  • Thursday Eve, April 5 - Eve of 7th Day of Passover
    Late Night Torah Learning 
  • Friday, April 6 - 7th Day of Passover
  • Saturday, April 7 - Final Day of Passover

Passover Fund

Partner with us in our efforts to bring Jewish holiday awareness to our fellow Jews with community Passover Seders, Shmurah Matzah distribution and providing guidance and assistance with the practical aspects of Passover observance.

Online: Make a contribution at and mention "Passover Fund" in the Honor box.

Mail: Chabad of the Bay Area, 2047 W. Main St, Suite B7, League City, TX 77573.

Phone: 281-724-1554

Thank you for your partnership and support!

Sell your chametz this week - An easy Mitzvah!

60 seconds for a more meaningful Passover.

Because we can't always get rid of all Chametz (leavened products), there is a simple solution which involves selling our Chametz to someone who isn't Jewish for the duration of Passover.

Click here to sell your Chametz online. It takes just a minute and is free.

Must be in by Thursday, March 29.

Seder one week away - Not too late to RSVP!

Reserve online


Join us for a beautiful Community Passover Seder complete with fine wine, hand-made Shmurah Matzah and a delicious holiday dinner. Featuring an interactive reading of the Haggadah, enhanced by fascinating, relevant insights and joyful song.   

First Night of Passover
Friday, March 30 at 8 pm  

Suggested Donation:
Adults $36 / Children (5-15) $18
Reserve as sponsor: $180 for a couple 
No one will be turned away for lack of funds

Seder Information & RSVP - Click Here

(An option to join for the 2nd Seder is also available  - please contact our office for more info). 

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Shmurah Matzah - Ready for pickup

Matzah Oven (small)If you have ordered Shmurah Matzah, it is available for pickup. Please contact the rabbi before coming over.

If you haven't ordered yet, we still have some available.

$18 per 1 lb box - Order Online   

(Use our event order form, select the number of lbs using the "Participants - Adults" dropdown) 

What is Shmurah Matzah?

Tuesday: Pre-Passover Class


Join us for a Pre-Passover Class!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm
(note, this will actually be one class, not two as earlier posted).

Add meaning and inspiration to your Passover Seder as you come well-prepared with fresh insights into the story, customs and rituals of the holiday. 

Followed by a Q&A on some of the practical aspects of the holiday.

RSVP Free: 

Purim Photo Album

 Check out the Photo album on

Photos of the Week - "Purim in New York!"

 Purim NY 1.JPG

Purim NY 2.jpg 

RSVP - Grand Purim Bash - Thursday!

The Grand Purim Bash is this Thursday! Have you made your reservations?

Grand Purim Bash - New York Style - Thursday, March 1 at 5:30 pm 

Invite your family and friends to join you... "Purim in New York!" will feature a delicious dinner with tastes of Coney Island, Chinatown and Little Italy, and lots more!  

Purim In NY - Details

Purim Day,  Thursday, March 1 at 5:30 PM


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