Product Price List




Chicken Leg Quarters

5.49 lb

3 lbs

Chicken Drumsticks

5.69 lb

1.5 lbs

Chicken Wings

4.89 lb

1.5 lbs

Whole Chicken Cut Up 8-pc

5.49 lb

3 lbs

Chicken Breast Cutlets   

9.49 lb

1.5 lbs

Chicken Thighs Boneless

8.99 lb

2.5 lbs

Ground Beef

8.99 lb

1 lb

Classic Beef Hotdogs

7.99 pack

8 pcs

Chicken Hotdogs

5.49 pack

8 pcs

Rib Eye Steak (by request)

Brisket (by request)
  *Price is approximate and subject to change  

Please note that due to the natural sourcing of the product and limitations in distribution, not all products are always available.

Feel free to call (713-398-7124) or email Malky with specific product requests, to schedule an appointment to pick up meat, or with any other questions.