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Last chance to RSVP for the Seder

First night of Passover
Monday, April 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Suggested Cover: $45 adult, $18 child (5-15) 

No one will be turned away for shortage of funds. Please contact Rabbi Schmukler to RSVP. 

Join us as a sponsor:
Aaron $180 /  Miriam $360 / Moshe $540
Underwriter: $1,000

Seder Information & RSVP - Click Here   

(An option to join for the 2nd Seder is also available  - please contact our office for more info).  

Tuesday: Pre-Passover Class

Exodus Painting

Join us this Tuesday, April 4 at 7:30 pm for the second Pre-Passover Class (each class is stand alone)!

Add meaning and inspiration to your Passover Seder as you come well-prepared with fresh insights into the story, customs and rituals of the holiday. 

Followed by a Q&A on some of the practical aspects of the holiday.

RSVP Optional - simply reply to this email. 

Order Shmurah Matzah

Boy with MatzahShmurah Matzah is a round, completely hand-made matzah, that is made with grain that has been guarded ("Shmurah") from the moment of harvest to avoid any moisture (which could make it leaven) and then carefully processed by hand right up until its baking in a wood burning oven. It is best to fulfill the Mitzvah of eating Matzah on the Seder nights with Shmurah Matzah (Learn more about Shmurah Matzah).

As a community service, we are pleased to offer some Shmurah Matzah available for purchase at a discounted price of $18 per lb. 

Order Online   
(choose "Shmura Matzah" from the "Event" dropdown, and select the number of lbs using the "Participants - Adults" dropdown) 

Or contact our office:  
[email protected] or 281-724-1554.

Remember, quantity is limited so please order ASAP!

Your order will be available for pick up from Chabad Bay Area (please call in advance).

Kiddush Lunch - Welcoming Wolraich Family!


Please join us this Saturday morning for a Service and buffet Kiddush Lunch in honor of 

Shlomi & Samantha Wolraich
and their children

To extend a warm welcome on the occasion of their move into their new home in the Chabad Bay Area community!

Optional RSVP - reply to this email. 

Special Shabbat!

Join us this week for a special Shabbat!


1) At the end of the Torah reading we declare "Chazak, Chazak, Venischazek!" ("May we be strengthened!") as we complete the reading of the Book of Exodus.

2) It is "Shabbat Mevorchim" - When we bless the upcoming new month of Nissan. Also called "Hachodesh" because of its special Maftir reading.

3) Finally, we'll have a special Kiddush lunch sponsored by Rabbi Yitzchok and Malky in honor of the Shlomi and Samantha Wolraich family.  


  • Coffee and Kabbalah at 9:00 am

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Torah Portion: Vayakhel Pekudei
    Sermon & Torah Reading at around 11 am
    Service followed by buffet Kiddush lunch!

Note:  As always, you are welcome to join in at the time that works best for you. 

New Photo Album - Grand Purim Bash!

A wonderful time was had by all at this year's Grand Purim Bash! This year's theme was "Israeli Style". Check out the photo album!

This Shabbat: Special Torah Reading

Join us this Shabbat morning for Coffee & Kabbalah, an inspiring service and Torah portion discussion - followed by light Kiddush lunch!


  • Coffee and Kabbalah at 9:00 am

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Torah Portion includes "Parshat Zachor" - "Remember what Amalek did to you" - it is a Mitzvah to hear this special reading on the Shabbat before Purim. Please come and join us!
    Torah Reading at around 11 am
    Service followed by light Kiddush lunch with hot "Cholent"

Come and Hear the Megillah! (Sat & Sun)

It is a Mitzvah to hear the Megillah twice: Once on Purim Eve and then once again during Purim Day. You are invited to join us for Megillah readings at Chabad Bay Area:

Purim Eve | Sat. Night, March 11

  • 8:00 pm 

Purim Day | Sunday, March 12 
Two daytime options:

  • 9:30 am - or -
  • 5:00 pm at the Purim party


For more about Megillah, click here 

Sunday: The Grand Purim Bash!

If you have not yet done so, please be sure to RSVP for the Grand Purim Bash this Sunday!

Sunday, March 12 at 5:00 pm



  • Delicious Israeli-Style Buffet Holiday Dinner!
  • Including: Schwarma, Falafel, Shakshuka, Babaganush and lots more!
  • Multimedia Megillah Reading!
  • Say L'chaim! on a selection of Israeli Wines!
  • Get your picture taken in front of the virtual Western Wall!
  • Masquerade! Lively Jewish music and Purim fun for all ages! 

Reserve Today!

Suggested Cover: 
Adult $15 / Child (12 and under) $8

No one will be turned away for lack of funds!
Please email [email protected] 

Be a Sponsor (includes tickets for your family):  
Friend $72 / Mordechai $180 / Queen Esther $360
Co-Underwriter $540 / Underwriter $1,000

Sponsors will be recognized at the event. Your generous support makes these events possible - Thank you for your partnership!

How to Observe: Mitzvot of Purim

In addition to hearing the Megillah (on the Eve of Purim and Purim Day), Purim is observed with three more Mitzvot:

Gifts of Food - Mishloach Manot

Also known more coloqually as "Shalach Manot/Monos", this Purim Mitzvah involves sending a gift of at least two food items to another Jewish person sometime during Purim day.

Gifts to the Poor - Matanot L'Evyonim

This Purim Mitzvah is fulfilled, also on the day of Purim, by giving generously to poor people (can be directly or through an organization that helps the poor).

Purim Feast - Se'udat Purim

Enjoy a festive Purim meal on Purim day. One should try to include bread ('Hamotzi') in this meal, since traditionally that is a distinguishing difference between a meal vs. a mere 'snack'. This is also the time to enjoy the extra wine that Purim is so famous for!

Join our grand Purim Dinner - 'Israeli Style' - to enjoy the Purim Feast in all its glory! Advance RSVP kindly requested: click here for more info or click here to reserve.

For more about the Purim observances, click here

Just Completed: JLI Dilemma Course

A great class of close to 20 students enjoyed the 6 week JLI course, The Dilemma. Students had a great time applying Talmudic style reasoning to a series of fascinating legal and ethical dilemmas. It was a wonderful way to experience the thrill of in-depth Torah study while applying it's lessons to the modern world!

 NEXT COURSE: Starts Tuesday, May 2nd

Survival of a Nation: 
Exploring Israel through the lens of the Six Day War 

One fateful week in June 1967 redrew the map of the Middle East.

Fifty years later, Israel continues to face numerous existential threats.

Experience an inspiring and thrilling account of what was then considered the most improbable and astonishing victory in all of military history.

Drawing on ideas of great Jewish writers and thinkers from throughout the ages, Survival of a Nation presents the Six-Day War as you’ve never experienced it before.

Its six sessions confront the impossible yet important questions of our time with affectionate and fervent patriotism, while also remaining realistic, and morally anchored.

This spellbinding course will sweep you up in its narrative force and abiding love for our nation’s history and the best of its traditions, and will not let go of you until it’s done.

Watch your email and home mailbox in the next few weeks for the beautiful course brochure.

This Thursday: Fast of Esther

The first of the Purim observances is the Fast of Esther which commemorates Esther's request to have all of the Jewish People fast for three days before she would risk her life and approach the King Achashveirosh with her request to save the Jews.

Fast of Esther: Thursday, March 9

  • Fast begins: 5:23 am
  • Fast Ends: 6:50 pm

(Times are for the Clear Lake Area)

To learn more about the Fast of Esther, click here

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