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Photo of the Week & Shabbaton Recap

A wonderful time was had by all at last week's "Shabbaton!" We had a great turnout, the full-course dinner and lunch by Malky were delicious, and the speakers, Brian and Dana Gavin, delighted everyone with their personal stories and inspiring life lessons!

Shabbaton Gavin (1).jpg 

Shabbaton Gavin (3).jpg

Photo: The tables before Shabbat (no photos from Shabbat of course - you just have to be there!) 

Special Shabbaton this week!


  • Candle lighting 5:52 pm
  • Services tonight at 6:15 pm
  • Community Friday night dinner at 7 pm. Prior RSVP required. We are nearly full, if you would like to reserve please call rabbi at 281-724-1554 to check availability.


  • Coffee & Kabbalah at 9 am
  • Services begins at 10 am
    Torah reading at around 11 am
    Services followed by buffet Kiddush lunch with GUEST SPEAKER! Advance reservation not required.



Weekend in Brooklyn? Contact to join group!

Shabbat in the Heights 79 - 400.png 

Interested in joining a group from Chabad Bay Area? Please contact Rabbi Schmukler

New course off to a great start! Not too late to join in!


  • Our prison and justice system can use major improvement.
  • 75% of people released from prison will be back behind bars within 5 years.
  • What can we learn from ancient Torah wisdom as to how to make our justice system more just, our courts more fair, and our law enforcement more effective? 

Join us on Tuesday evenings for Crime and Consequence, a fascinating, relevant and engaging course! 

Watch the trailer

 Crime & Consequence Course Schedule:

  • Next 5 Tuesdays, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm
  • Register Online or come by to try out a lesson free of charge! 
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