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Community Challah Bake


Join Malky and crew for a live Community Challah Bake!

Friday, May 1 at 10:00 am

LIVE via video conference! 

Get your baking ingredients ready!
(Bag of flour, yeast, eggs, sugar and salt)

Please RSVP by replying to this email, and we will send you the login info on the day before.

POSTPONED Secrets of the Bible (Spring JLI Course)



JLI has decided to postpone the launch of the course, Secrets of the Bible, for the time being, to enable in-person learning.  (If you have already registered, your registration will go towards your next JLI course).

Online Learning

 Online Learning - So much available!

Sell your chametz - An easy Mitzvah!

60 seconds for a more meaningful Passover.

Because we can't always get rid of all Chametz (leavened products), there is a simple solution which involves selling our Chametz to someone who isn't Jewish for the duration of Passover.

Click here to sell your Chametz online. It takes just a minute and is free.

Must be in by the end of Tuesday, April 7.

Live Class: Get Ready for a Special Passover!



A Fascinating Tour Through the Haggadah and Relevant Messages for Our Times

How do I make my Seder this year inspiring? What are the personally relevant messages for then and now? What are some of the practical things I need to know? Join us! Q&A

Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 7:30 pm
Via Zoom Video Conference 

We suggest getting set up with the Zoom Video Conference app in advance. It is free for you and is available for your phone, tablet or computer.

Shabbat Hagadol - "The Great Shabbat"

This Shabbat before Passover is called "Shabbat Hagadol" - the Great Shabbat. Our sages tell us about the great miracles that happened in the process of the Exodus from Egypt during this Shabbat.

Services Friday Night: after Candle Lighting at 7:23 pm
Services Shabbat Morning: 10:00 am
When we pray at the same time, we join in a "Minyan" spiritually! 

Torah Portion:  Tzav
We read about more details about the offerings brought in the Mishkan, the Tabernacle in the desert. One of these was the Korban Todah, the Thanksgiving Offering, which was brought by someone who had overcome a danger and was now safe. May we all be able to bring the Korban Todah very soon!

Shmurah Matzah - Pickup Info

The Shmurah Matzah is available for pickup. Simply contact the rabbi directly to coordinate a time for your Matzah pickup on Sunday or Monday.

It is not too late to order your box of Shmurah Matzah.  To order - use our event order form and select "Shmurah Matzah Order" from the event list. Use the number of "Adults" to select how many pounds. 

Zohar calls matzah “Bread of Faith” and “Bread of Healing.” Our great mystics explain that this is especially true with Shmurah Matzah.

Passover Schedule

Note: Candle Lighting and other ritual times below are for the Clear Lake region only. 

Tuesday, April 7

  • Last day to Sell Your Chametz 
  • "Bedikat Chametz" - Search for Chametz at Nightfall (more info

Wednesday, April 8 - The Day Before Passover

  • Fast of the Firstborn (more info)
  • Finish eating chametz by 11:14 am
  • Burn or flush remaining (unsold) chametz by 12:18 pm. 
  • Light the Passover candles at 7:26 pm (Blessings)
  • Pray the Maariv evening prayer
  • First Seder after nightfall, 8:08 pm. Key Mitzvot of the Seder are eating matzah, maror (bitter herbs), drinking four cups of wine and relating the story of the Exodus (Seder guide).

Thursday, April 9 - 1st Day of Passover 

  • Pray Shacharit Morning Service, remember to include the Festival Amidah, Hallel and Festival Musaf
  • Passover Lunch, make Kiddush on wine and Hamotzi on two Matzot
  • Reminder that on Yom Tov (Holy Festival) days, we don't light a fire, but it is permitted to cook using a fire or element that has been left on from before the holiday. 

Thursday Evening - Second Seder

  • Light holiday candles (from a pre-existing flame) after 8:20 pm
  • Begin "Counting of The Omer
  • 2nd Seder follows same order as first

Friday, April 10 - Second Day of Passover

  • Same order as 1st Day of Passover
  • Light Shabbat Candles (from a pre-existing flame only) at 7:27 pm

Intermediate Days of Passover ("Chol Hamo'ed") 

  • "Chol Hamo'ed" the Intermediate Days of Passover, run from April 11 to 14.


  • Tuesday Eve, April 14 - Eve of 7th Day of Passover 
  • Wednesday, April 15 - 7th Day of Passover
  • Thursday, April 16 - Final Day of Passover


Seder Provisions

Some of the places to order Kosher for Passover takeout food: 

Be sure to order ASAP as they require advance notice. 

If you are having trouble getting out to get the items needed, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you get what you need.

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