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Hurricane Laura - Gratitude & RELIEF Effort

As they say, 'We all dodged a bullet.' 

All of us in the Greater Houston and Galveston area are very grateful to have been spared the wrath of Hurricane Laura. Seeing the damage it inflicted, has only hit home how vulnerable we truly are. 

Chabad of the Bay Area is partnering with other groups to help in the RELIEF effort to assist our neighbors on the Texas-Louisiana border who have been badly affected. Our center will be operating as a collection point for donations to assist the people and families in need. 

Please see for items needed and drop-off hours. 

Guest Speaker: Life After Life - The case for Jewish burial

This Thursdsay at 7 pm we will be featuring a guest speaker (on Zoom) on the topic of Jewish burial vs cremation, and why it matters.

Sure, it is not from the more joyous discussions, but it is a very important one, and one that can only really be explored when it is NOT the time. 

So come and join us for what is sure to be a very interesting talk, and increase your knowledge so that you can be a source of helpful guidance to others as well. 

 LIFE after LIFE Cremation vs Burial.png

  • Thursday, August 27 at 7:00 pm 
  • Zoom ID: 825 6031 2719 
  • Speaker: Doron Kornbluth, popular author

Bay Area Jewish Calendar: Ad or Dedication available

As we get ready to publish the beautiful Bay Area Jewish Calendar, we'd like to invite you to place an ad. 

Advertisement helps make this important service available to the community. The calendar is mailed free of charge to hundreds of homes and offices throughout the Bay Area.

Question: Would you like to order Kosher meat?

Tired of the 'schlep' down to SW Houston, especially during this challenging year, to shop for Kosher meat?

As a service to the community, we will be placing a Kosher meat order in advance of the High Holidays!

Whether you have been making the trip or not, here is an excellent opportunity to get what you need, right near home. 

Please reply to this email if you would like to be counted in, or for more info!

Yahrtzeit Board - This Month


Jerusalem of Gold Memorial Board
This month & upcoming Yahrtzeits: 

Falls on August 26, 2020

Falls on September 1, 2020

Falls on September 4, 2020

 About the Jerusalem of Gold Yahrtzeit Board

Order a plaque in time for the HIGH HOLIDAYS

Miss the Minyan? Services in person this Shabbat!

We will be having in-person services this Shabbat!

  • Shacharit, Morning Service: Between 10 am and 12 pm. 

If you feel comfortable to do so, come and join us! 

Mandatory masks, hand-sanitizing and spread out seating.  

Torah Portion: Shoftim - Judges
This is the first Shabbat in the month of Elul, the month that leads up to Rosh Hashana.

Watch last night's Parsha class


How can you tell a true prophet from a false one? Is fortune-telling kosher? Some of the fascinating topics in this week's Torah portion... Watch last night's class, Let's Learn Parsha! 

Watch it here 

Unexpected drama: a little while into the class we were hit with a short power outage... But have no fear, the class resumed shortly after :-). Enjoy. 

Congratulations to the Hebrew Reading Class!

Congratulations to the 'graduates' of Read It In Hebrew, our first online taught Hebrew reading crash course for adults. 

In only five short lessons, the students, led by Malky, went from complete beginners to being able to read the full prayer of Shema directly from the Hebrew Siddur. 

Mazel Tov! 

Save the date: Aug. 22, In-Person Services!

We will G-d Willing be having in-person services, next Shabbat, August 22nd. 

  • Services will start at 10:00 am. Feel free to come at the time of your convenience. 
  • Recommended safety measures will be followed, including mandatory masks, hand-sanitizing, and spread-out seating. 

Shiva Service at Chabad

There will be a Shiva service for our dear friend Marvin Bein, OBM, - Moshe ben Simcha Yosef, z"l - this Sunday, August 9, 2:00 pm at Chabad Bay Area.

We'll be following recommended safety measures, including facemasks, social distancing and spread-out seating.

Please reply to this email if you plan to attend.

Service will be brief, around a half-hour.

Shabbat 8/8 - An in-person service at Shul


We'll be having an in-person Shabbat morning service this week, Saturday, August 8th, at Chabad Bay Area.

  • Shabbat Morning Service: 10 am to 12 pm.
  • Recommended measures will be followed, including masks, social distancing and spread-out seating. 

Torah Portion: Eikev
This Torah portion touches on many topics, including G-d's promise of reward and protection for keeping the commandments, a review of the giving of the Torah and the tragic sin of the Golden Calf, the Manna and G-d's miracles in the desert, and more.

Going strong... Join the Thursday class on Zoom!

Come and join us on Thursdays to get a great overview of the weekly Torah portion, along with inspiring insights for life!

Thursdays at 7:00 pm

All you need is Zoom! 

Reply to this email and we'll send you the Zoom link (you can reuse the same link for the future classes as well). 

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