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A Well of Love - Thursday Class!


To be “in love” is to be generous, wide open, and full of dreams. That’s a great first step—but it’s only the first step. Abraham, the first Jew, was a man of kindness, yet the wells of emotion he dug were ultimately stuffed up. It took his quiet, disciplined son, Isaac, to redig them and open them forever. It’s much the same in our lives, too.

Thursday, Oct. 21
7:30 pm 

At Chabad Bay Area
Spread out seating

Free of charge.
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Torah and Science: Best of Friends - Torah Studies opening class!


FIRST TOPIC at Torah Studies -

Torah and Science: Best of Friends
The Synthesis Runs a Lot Deeper Than You Think. Just Do it Right

Many have grappled with the apparently irreconcilable differences between religion and science; “Religion is the domain of faith; science, that of reason,” is a common attitude. A new read of when G-d disrupts a grand feat of modern engineering teaches a refreshing approach.

  • Come and join us!
    Wednesday, October 6 at 7:30 pm
    At Chabad Bay Area

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