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JLI Course - Upcoming Lessons

Tuesday, June 1 at 7 pm
This Can Happen: The Process of Redemption - Lesson 5

Tuesday, June 8 at 7 pm
This Can Happen: What the world will look like - Lesson 6

Rabbi to deliver city invocation

The League City Council Meeting this Tuesdays will be opened with an invocation by Rabbi Yitzchok Schmukler.

You can watch it live on Tuesday, May 25 at 6:00 pm at:

The Greatest Moment of All Time. Relive it - TOGETHER!

It was a most exceptional day.

3,333 years ago.

When you and I. All of us.

Stood together - AS ONE - to receive the Torah.

It has never been more important to stand together as a people.

Let's come TOGETHER in Shul this Monday at 6:30 pm.

Relive the greatest moment of all.

One nation, with one heart. Under G-d. 

Celebrating the greatest gift of all. 

 Shavuot (650x245)

Join us for a special Shavuot celebration!

1st Day of Shavuot
Monday morning, May 17th
6:30 pm (note new time!)

Featuring the annual Torah reading of the 10 Commandments
and a FESTIVE HOLIDAY DINNER featuring a hot buffet of delicious dairy cuisine, and topped off with ice cream and cheesecake desserts!


Free of Charge / Optional Contribution

Do a Mitzvah for Israel


Shabbat Candle Lighting time in the Bay Area at 7:48 pm 

Do a Mitzvah for Israel - click here to join in 

Full Shavuot Holiday Schedule

Eve of Shavuot - Sunday, May 16

  • Light Candles at 7:49 pm 

1st Day of Shavuot - Monday, May 17

  • Holiday Service 10:00 am

  • HOLIDAY CELEBRATION at 6:30 pm (note new time)
    Featuring Torah Reading of Ten Commandments followed by Delicious Dairy Holiday Dinner! RSVP requested.
  • Light Candles (from a pre-existing flame) after 8:47 pm

2nd Day of Shavuot - Tuesday, May 18

  • Holiday Service 10:00 am
    Yizkor at around 11:30 am
  • Holiday Ends 8:48 pm
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