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KIDDUSH LUNCH - Shabbat 2/19

Shabbat TableWe'd like to invite you to join us this Shabbat (Feb 19) for a delicious

Buffet Kiddush Lunch
after the Shabbat morning service

Sponsored by Ken Terkel

On the occasion of the Yahrtzeits of his brothers Rick and Gary Terkel and of his friend Jeffery Kupps
May their memory be blessed


Off to a great start - New JLI Course!

The new JLI course, Meditation from Sinai, is off to a great start!

Each lesson can be independelty enjoyed, so it is not too late to join! 

Your choice: In-Person or Zoom! 

Come check it out this Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

Meditation from Sinai: Mindful Awareness and Divine Spirituality to Help You Think, Feel, and Live More Deeply

Many are unaware that Judaism contains an incredibly rich heritage of teaching about mindful awareness, spirituality, and meditative practices. This course advances the uniquely Jewish approaches to these fascinating topics. Whether you’ve practiced meditation before or not, this course will both inspire and practically guide so that you can reap the benefits of a more spiritual and mindful life.

Try any lesson free!

Course Fee: $99 (Includes your beautiful student book!)

 Register today 


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