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Holiday Times - Final Days of Passover


Eve of 7th Day Passover Festival - Thursday, April 21 

  • Light Candles at 7:33 pm
  • Study Torah All Night

7th Day of Passover - Friday, April 22

  • Morning Service at 10 am
  • Light Candles from Pre-Existing Flame at 7:34 pm

Final Day of Passover - Shabbat, April 23

  • Morning Service at 10 am 
  • Passover Ends at 8:29 pm

Community Passover Seder (Prior RSVP)

If you have not yet reserved, please do so as soon as possible. All reservations are requested to be in by Tuesday, April 12. 

Seder Card 5782 - Chabad Bay Area 150.png 

Join us for a beautiful Passover Seder complete with fine wine, hand-made Shmurah Matzah and a delicious holiday dinner. Featuring an interactive reading of the Haggadah, enhanced by fascinating insights and joyful song.

First night of Pesach
Friday, April 15, 2022
8:00 pm

Community Seder InfoRESERVE ONLINE

Seder will be hosted at Rabbi Yitzchok & Malky's home  

Sell your chametz today (Latest: Thurs, April 14)

Sell Your Chametz (Purple)

60 seconds for a more meaningful Passover.

Because we can't always get rid of all Chametz (leavened products), there is a simple solution which involves selling our Chametz to someone who isn't Jewish for the duration of Passover.

Click here to sell your Chametz online. It takes just a minute and is free.

Shmurah Matzah - Available for Pick Up

Order Matza (Green)
We are pleased to once again make available to you the highest quality Shmurah Matzah for your Seder. This Matzah has been handmade by the Jewish community in Ukraine. 

Shmura Matzah InfoORDER FORM

Your Matzah may be picked up at the time of your convenience from the rabbi's home

Photo of the Week - Relocation has begun!

We are excited to have reached a new milestone in our journey of serving the community!

It was with joy and anticipation tinged with nostalgia that we have moved out this week of our storefront Chabad Bay Area location that has served us for the previous 7.5 years. So many great experiences took place there: so much Jewish learning, community celebrations, guest speakers, inspiring services, youth clubs, women's circle, community comraderie and more!

We look forward to the next stage of growth and enhanced community offerings at our very own property in League City. Stay tuned for details about the new project! For the time being services will be held at the rabbi's home as we work on the transition. 

Moving out.jpeg  

Moving out 2.jpeg 

Moving out 3.jpeg 

Big thank you to the many who helped out with the move, including: Ken, Gaye, Dennis, Micha, Ida, Boris & Solomon! There will be more opportunities to come, stay tuned!

Wall Street Journal - Oped: Chabad in Ukraine

Nice oped in today's Wall Street Journal about Chabad in Ukraine: 

WSJ Chabad Ukraine 

Click picture to enlarge or view here 

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