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Recap of an amazing Chanukah!

Thursday, 2 January, 2020 - 4:19 pm


Chanukah kicked-off on Sunday, Dec. 22 with an inspiring kindling of the first candle at Chanukah on the Strand. Councilman David Collins greeted the audience and presented a proclamation on behalf of the City of Galveston. There is always a special 'vibe' that can be felt at our Galveston events, and this one was no different. In addition to local residents, we were also joined by numerous visitors who were either departing or just arriving from their vacation cruises. 

On Tuesday, third night of Chanukah, Chabad of the Bay Area put on a Menorah lighting and Chanukah celebration for inmates at a Texas correctional facility in Texas City. The Rebbe taught us to be there for every Jew in every place or situation.

Thursday brought us to Pearland Town Center mall for a beautiful and uplifting evening that also featured live musical entertainment by our very own Mendel and Meir Schmukler!

Sunday, Dec. 29 took us to Baybrook Mall where a gorgeous night was the perfect setting for a Chanukah grand finale lighting up all 8 candles on the final night of Chanukah! What a wonderful show of Jewish pride at a time when it is most needed. May the light of goodness and holiness continue to illuminate our year ahead!

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