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Mezuzah for your Home or Office

Sunday, 5 August, 2018 - 1:33 pm

Torah Parchment (small)Summertime and the weeks leading up to the High Holidays are a great time to do some spiritual home improvement!

We currently have some new Kosher Mezuzah scrolls in stock. It is important for every Jewish home (and business) to have good Kosher Mezuzot on its doors. In addition to fulfilling this very special Mitzvah, authentic Kosher Mezuzot also serve as a spiritual protection for your home and family in health, safety and livelihood.

Often Mezuzah cases are sold in stores with sample inserts that are not genuine Mezuzot, or sometimes a hand-written scroll may have been written very poorly and does not meet the requirements of an authentic Kosher Mezuzah.

A real Mezuzah is a holy object (akin to a Torah Scroll) written with great care by an expert, G-d fearing scribe to exacting standards and keeping to the guidelines and rules passed on since the days of Moses.  

Not sure? Just call Rabbi Yitzchok Schmukler. He will be happy to have a look for you or even do a free housecall.

Contact the rabbi: or 281-724-1522.

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