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"Seder Plans"

Thursday, 19 March, 2020 - 3:23 pm

Now, those two words together sound really funny. SEDER + PLANS.

We all thought we can just go ahead and make our Seder plans, but G-d had another plan.

This is compelling each and every one of us to go back to the basics, back to the core. It seems G-d is telling us that this year, the most important Seder to be had is the one in our own homes, with our own family. Similar to how it was when we went out of Egypt!

We'll have more to say about that in the Tuesday night class.

But for now, please try your best to get the provisions you need as soon as possible (Randalls & HEB in Meyerland are good sources) and make the preparations for your Seder at home.

Let's try to make this year's Seder the most meaningful one ever.

For those in need, alone, who might be limited in going out and getting the provisions, there are resources being worked on to help you out as best as possible. These might include, places to order Kosher to-go seders (from kosher restaurants or community orgs), and possibly other options as well. Please stay tuned for info. Chabad centers in the Houston area are working together with other community organizations to help out in this area.

If you are able to volunteer to help someone who is home-bound, please email us as well.

If you are able to contribute towards this, please visit: (indicate Passover in the note field). 

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