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This Shabbat & Shabbat at Home

Friday, 31 July, 2020 - 8:20 am



  • Torah Portion: Va'etchanan
  • "Shabbat Nachamu" - Shabbat of Comfort. This is the traditional name for the Shabbat that follows Tisha B'Av, named for it's Haftorah. 



  • Prepare your evening meal before Shabbat 
  • Put aside electronic devices for the duration of Shabbat 
  • Light Shabbat Candles with a blessing, prior to sunset (see time at right)
  • In Judaism, prayer is first and foremost a personal conversation between us and our Creator. If you have a Siddur (prayerbook) at home, pray the 'Kabbalat (Welcoming) Shabbat' and evening prayer. 
  • Recite Kiddush on a cup of kosher wine and enjoy your Shabbat dinner with Challah and your favorite Shabbat food!


  • Recite the morning prayer for Shabbat
  • Read the Parsha - The weekly Torah portion 
  • Recite the daytime Kiddush on a cup of Kosher wine (or grape juice) and enjoy your Shabbat lunch!
  • In the afternoon, relax, read, study
  • Mincha afternoon prayer 

SATURDAY NIGHT - Motzo'ei (Closing of Shabbat) Shabbat:

  • See Shabbat end time at right or on your Chabad Bay Area Jewish Calendar
  • Recite Havdalla on a cup of Kosher wine, aromatic spices and candle  


  • Links to buy a Siddur like the one we use in Shul, and a Chumash (Torah Book) of which there are several great options available, such as this Chumash or this one.
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