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Shmurah Matzah

Thursday, 18 March, 2021 - 10:43 am

Order Matza (Green)
We are pleased to once again make available to you the highest quality Shmurah Matzah for your Seder. 

To order - use our donate form and in the Note field indicate that this is for the Shmurah Matzah and how many lbs you would like to order. The cost is $20 per lb. 

About Shmurah Matzah:
It means "Guarded Matzah" because of strict adherence to the Torah's command, "You shall keep/guard the Matzot." This special Matzah is made from wheat and flour that has been especially protected from any additional moisture, and is then quickly hand-baked in a very hot oven. Extra pre-cautions related to the Kashrut of the Matzah are followed throughout. 

Zohar calls matzah “Bread of Faith” and “Bread of Healing.” Our great mystics explain that this is especially true with Shmurah Matzah.

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