• Welcome!Welcome to Chabad of the Bay Area! Please have a look around, check out upcoming programs, services, classes and more. Please don't hesitate to reach out to introduce yourself or if you have questions. Contact Us
  • Jewish Community SederThe Jewish People are one family! Come and join your family/community Passover Seder! Advance RSVP required. More Info & RSVP
  • Jewpernatural: Astrology, Superstition & ParanormalAre you curious about mysterious topics like the meaning of dreams; the existence of angels, demons, and extraterrestrials; and the power of the evil eye? You'll love our new JLI course, Jewpernatural! More Info & RSVP
  • A Taste of Talmud - A class for you!Uncover the timeless fountain of Jewish wisdom! Join us Sundays at 11 am as we explore the Talmud together, over bagels and spreads! Beginners welcome! More Info & RSVP
We are here to offer every Jew the opportunity to discover and experience their heritage in a positive, welcoming and joyful environment, and in a manner that is meaningful, authentic and enriching to mind, body and soul.​​​​ To help every person reach their spiritual potential, making the world better, one good deed at a time!

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FREE GIFT FROM US TO YOU! Gift pack of 2 Shmurah Matzahs for your Seder table! Please contact us to come by to pick up your FREE Shmurah Matzah GIFT PACK for...
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News & Shmooze posted on Mar 16, 2023 | 0 Comments
 For quantities of a pound or more, you may order online ORDER SHMURAH MATZAH Pick up from Chabad Bay Area  A TRUE BREAD OF FAITH! Despite war and...
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