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Reserved Yet? Don't miss the tasty and fun Lag BaOmer Celebration!

A mouthwatering barbecue menu is in the works for the upcoming Lag BaOmer Barbecue! 

Lag Baomer - Save the Date | Sunday, May 26, 2024 

Join us for this very special, delicious and uplifting annual celebration - The Lag BaOmer Barbecue and Bonfire - fun for all ages! 

Sunday, May 26 at 5:30 pm 


Photo of the Week: Mayor presents proclamation to Chabad Bay Area group


Thank you to all who came out this past Tuesday for the Mayor Nick Long's official presentation of the League City's Education and Sharing Day proclamation!

Education and Sharing Day focuses on the importance of fostering meaningful, moral education and a spirit of goodness and kindness in our society. Since 1978, the US Congress proclaims Education Day annually and dedicates it in honor of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of blessed memory. The State of Texas and numerous other states and cities participate, and it is wonderful to have our very own League City be part of it as well.

Great Sunday Class: Ethics of Our Fathers - Pirkei Avot


Sunday at Tour de Torah:
Ethics of Our Fathers (Pirkei Avot)!

Join us for this fantastic new series!

As one of the most beloved books of Mishna, Pirkei Avot / Ethics of Our Fathers, contains wise, deep, yet easy to relate to ideas to guide us in living our lives, a step higher! 

 Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am

Tour de Torah

Start your week off with a stimulating class! Tour de Torah we get together to explore various topics and issues in life and Judaism through the timeless lens of Torah!

Cold Drinks, Coffee & Snack - Class is FREE of charge!
Come and join us - Invite a friend too!

Not too late to join: Spring JLI Course, Decisions of Fate

Learn how Judaism's timeless values provide practical guidance for navigating questions of medical ethics with confidence!

DOF web flyer.jpg 

Extending Life? | Experimental Treatments? | Status of a Fetus? | Autopsy? ...and more! 


This TUESDAY at 7 pm

Sign up for the 3 remaining lessons on Tuesday evenings:

Shabbat Services | May 17 & 18


  • Kabbalat Shabbat ('Welcoming Shabbat') Service at 8:00 pm 


  • Coffee & Kabbalah at 9:00 am
  • Morning Services 
    Starts at 10:00 am
    Main part at 10:40 am
  • Followed by Kiddush with light refreshments and delicious hot cholent!

Sponsor a Kiddush Lunch

Upcoming Shabbat Kiddush Lunches

Shabbat Table

Shabbat, May 25 - Kiddush Lunch sponsored by Daniel Liebenthal in memory of his father

Shabbat, June 1 - Kiddush Lunch sponsored by the Falk family in celebration of Dr Steve Falk's birthday and in thanksgiving for his health recovery, Baruch Hashem. 

Register for Camp Gan Israel!

 Camp - Flyer & Ad - 2024.png

Camp Gan Israel offers an amazing day camp summer adventure for Jewish children in the Bay Area!

Our fun and educational program, and top notch staff, make the CGI Bay Area a most memorable summer experience! 

Learn more & apply at 

Pick up some Kosher Meat

Come by on Sundays at 12 pm to purchase Kosher meat.

Or to come by at another time of your convenience, simply contact Malky at [email protected] or call/text 713-398-2460 

City proclaims 'Education Day' on Rebbe's birthday - Special Invitation!

We're proud to share that League City has proclaimed Education Day on the Rebbe's birthday, joining in with similar recognitions by the U.S. government and numerous cities and states across the nation. 

Education Day USA is an annual observance in the United States, honoring the contributions of the Rebbe. Established by a congressional resolution in 1978, it falls on the Rebbe's birthday and serves as a platform to reflect on his dedication to education, social welfare, and moral guidance. Communities nationwide engage in educational activities and programs that promote lifelong learning, moral development, and social responsibility, emphasizing the enduring relevance of the Rebbe's teachings to contemporary challenges.

We'd like to invite you to join us this Tuesday, May 14th at around 4:30 pm for where Mayor Nick Long will be presenting the proclamation at City Hall.

To confirm the exact time and place, please contact the rabbi. 

Proclamation - Eduation Day 2024 - League City.jpg 




Kosher Dining Club - New Restaurant!


 We'd like to invite you to join us this Sunday for the a Bay Area Kosher Dining Club outing!

We will be meeting at an exciting new restaurant!

 Place: Rafaello
6603 S. Braeswood Blvd | Houston, TX 77096

Sunday, May 5
5:00 pm

Experience the buzz at Refaello, Houston's newest kosher eatery, boasting a selection of artisanal pizzas, gourmet pastas, salads, refreshing desserts and much more!

See the Menu | Google Reviews

RSVP: Email Malky or reply to this email
Carpooling: be in touch with Malky about carpooling with other participants

Final Days of Passover - Come on by! (YIZKOR)

The last two days of Passover are a special festival known as "Shevi'i & Acharon Shel Pesach" - The Seventh and Final Days of Passover. This biblical holiday marks the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea. 


  • Eve of 7th Day of Passover - Sunday Eve, April 28

    Evening Service at 7:45 pm 
  • Monday, April 29 - 7th Day of Passover

    Holiday Morning Service at 10 am
    - Hallel thanksgiving prayer
    - Festival Torah reading
    - Followed by Kiddush & Fruit
  • Tuesday, April 29 - Final Day of Passover

    Holiday Morning Service at 10 am
    - Hallel thanksgiving prayer
    - Festival Torah reading
    - YIZKOR Memorial Prayer after the Torah reading
    - Followed by Kiddush & Fruit

    Passover Holiday Concludes Tuesday at 8:34 pm

Photo of the Week!

 Blessing the Trees - Nissan 5784.jpeg

Reciting the blessing on the trees this past Sunday at Chabad Bay Area at the recently planted olive trees!

A special Mitzah that is done only one time a year, in the month of Nissan (in the spring), when one observes fruit trees that are flowering or budding, where we express our gratitude to Hashem for providing for all the needs of his creation.

Pick up Shmurah Matzah and/or Kosher for Passover Meat: Sunday at 12 pm

Come by this Sunday at 12 pm to pick up Shmurah Matzah!

  • If you ordered, Sunday at 12 pm is a great time to come by and pick up your Matzah order. (Please note that we are sold out and cannot accept new orders for lbs of Matzah).
  • We do have special gifts of 2 Shmurah Matzahs to enhance your Seder. Please come by on Sunday at 12 pm  

A community project courtesy of Chabad Bay Area Sponsored by Dr Shmuely & Raizy Margolin

Be a holiday sponsor 

Sold your Chametz yet?

One of the important preps for Passover is:

Nowadays this is really quick and easy using a short online form.  

Doing so helps every Jewish person fulfill the Torah obligation of not owning any Chametz (grain-based and other products that are not kosher for Passover) during Passover. 

RSVP'd for the Seder?

Seder Card 5784.png

  Join us for the beautiful Community Seder complete with fine wine, hand-made Shmurah Matzah, a delicious holiday dinner - a truly uplifting Passover Seder experience!

First night of Passover
Monday, April 22

Maariv evening service at 7:30 pm
Seder at 8:00 pm

RSVP & Seder Info Facebook Event

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