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NEXT WEEK: Friday Night Delight!

FND Friday Night Delight v5 -150.jpg 

Join us next Friday, October 19
7:00 to 8:00 pm

Lively Kabbalat Shabbat Service followed by "Kiddush & Kneidlach!"

Schedule: Friday Night Delight will be held once a month, on the 3rd Friday of the month. 

Optional RSVP / more info:

*Kneidlach = Yiddish for Matzah Balls 

WrapStars is catching on: Researchers Link Tefillin to Health

A pilot study led by researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine suggests Jewish men who practice wearing tefillin, which involves the tight wrapping of an arm with leather banding as part of daily prayer, may receive cardiovascular health benefits.

The researchers propose that benefits may occur though remote ischemic preconditioning that results in protection during heart attacks. The results are available online in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Full Article: 


Health benefits of Tefillin wrapping? Why are we not surprised? 

We look forward to welcoming you at our weekly WrapStars Tefillin & Breakfast Club this Sunday morning at 9 AM!

In your mailbox: New JLI Course!


  • I want to believe but, I find it hard to believe my actions really matter to G-d.
  • I pray to G-d, but I’ve never heard him answer.
  • I don’t understand how G-d could allow so much suffering?
  • I struggle with contradictions between faith and science?
  • I can live perfectly well without G-d: why do I need him in my life?
  • I find some of the values espoused in the Torah out of touch with today’s western principles.

Most people, even the most devout, struggle with issues about G-d. We sit in the synagogue during the High Holidays and affirm the essentials of Judaism in theory, but when it comes to trusting G-d with our daily lives, we share a secret, painful fear that G-d isn’t really looking out for us.

Wrestling with Faith will tackle the “big issues” that keep people from intimate faith with G-d.

Read more about the course and watch the course trailer

Schedule: 6 Tuesdays at 7:30 pm
Opening Lesson: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More info & register 

Shabbat Schedule

Shabbat Morning:

  • Coffee & Kabbalah at 9:00 am

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Torah portion at around 11 am
    Torah portion of Noach - The Great Flood!
    Service followed by light Kiddush lunch

WrapStars - Sunday

Wrap-Stars-Logo-225.jpg.gifJoin us this Sunday morning at 9:00 am for WrapStars.

Wrap Tefillin and enjoy a delicious fresh breakfast, shmooze and brief Torah thought! 

You don't need to have your own Tefillin. Beginners welcome! 

Monday Night: Grand Simchat Torah Celebration!

Join us this Monday night for a lively, one-of-a-kind, Simchat Torah celebration!

Simchas Torah DANCE & DINE 

Dance & Dine!

• Lots of delicious food, drinks and Simchat Torah dancing!
• Joy and fun for all ages! 
• Kids, come and dance in your own special Hakafa!

Monday, October 1 at 7:30 pm
At Chabad Bay Area

Event PageOptional Reservation 

Tuesday Morning: Conclusion & Start of Torah!

Join us as well on Simchat Torah Day - Tuesday, October 2

Grand conclusion of Torah and starting anew from the book of Breishit - Genesis!

10:00 am - Shacharit Morning Service

11:00 am - Kiddush Refreshments, Concluding the Torah and Starting from the Beginning!

Shabbat Schedule

Shabbat Morning:

  • Coffee & Kabbalah at 9:00 am

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10:00 am
    Torah portion at around 11 am
    "Shabbat Chol Hamo'ed Sukkot" (Shabbat of the Intermediate Day of Sukkot)
    Service followed by light Kiddush lunch at the Rabbi Yitzchok & Malky's Sukkah

Holiday - Services & Times

The grand finale to the High Holiday season are the joyous holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah!

In addition to the very special Simchat Torah Celebrations (see above), here's a full schedule of the holiday services:


Shemini Atzeret Eve - Sunday, Sept 30: 

  • Evening Services at 7:15 pm
    Featuring a light version of the "Hakafot" celebrating with the Torah

Shemini Atzeret Day - Monday, Oct 1: 

  • Shacharit Morning Services at 10:00 am

Simchat Torah Eve - Monday, Oct 1:

  • Evening Service & Grand Simchat Torah Celebration at 7:30 pm 
    Featuring 'Hakafot' dancing with the Torah, L'chaims and a delicious buffet!

Simchat Torah Day - Tuesday, Oct 2:

  • Morning Service at 10:00 am
  • Conclusion & Start of the Torah at 11:00 am

No WrapStars this week

WrapStars Tefillin & Breakfast will not be held this Sunday, 9/30, as Tefillin are not worn during the holiday of Sukkot. We will back on next week!

You can still RSVP: Dinner Under the Stars!

Last chance to reserve for the annual Dinner Under the Stars!

Enjoy a delicious holiday dinner and an exquisite Sukkot experience, held in our big, friendly Sukkah, under the Starry Texas Sky!

On the first night of Sukkot:

Sunday, September 23, 2018
Evening Service 7:30 pm
Dinner 8:00 pm

Both the service and dinner will be held at the rabbi's home. Please reserve for address. 

Suggested Cover:
$26 adult, $10 child (ages 3-12)
Sponsorship: $72 / $180 / $360


L'chaim, Cake & Shake in the Sukkah!

Don't have your own Lulav and Etrog set, or your own Sukkah? Don't fret. Mi Sukkah, es su Sukkah! 

You are invited to come on over during this holiday of Sukkot, to shake the Lulav & Etrog, and sit down with the rabbi at his home for some cake & l'chaim in the Sukkah!

L'chaim, Cake & Shake (just pop in):

  • Tuesday, Sept 5, between 5 and 7 pm

Hope to see you! Happy Sukkot!

Sukkot Services Schedule


Sun, Sept 23 - Sukkot Eve: 

  • Evening Service at 7:30 pm - at rabbi's home
  • (Dinner Under the Stars at 8 pm - at rabbi's home, advance RSVP required)

Monday-Tuesday, Sept 24-25 - First 2 days of Sukkot: 

  • Shacharit Morning Service at 10 am - 12 pm
    at Chabad Bay Area

If you cannot make it for the entire service, your are still welcome to stop by during that time to fulfill the special Mitzvah of Lulav and Etrog. Or join us for L'chaim, Cake & Shake (see in this email).

Note: The Sukkot holiday continues Sept 26-30 with "Chol Hamo'ed" - The Intermediate Days of Sukkot. To learn more about the Sukkot holiday, visit

Yom Kippur Services


Join us for guided services that are livelyinspiring and inclusive. Hebrew-English prayer books provided. 

Schedule for Yom Kippur

Tue Eve & Wed, Sept 18-19

  • Kol Nidrei 7:00 pm
  • Morning Service starts at 9:00 am
  • Afternoon & Neilah at 5:15 pm
  • Break-Fast at the end

No membership required. Optional High Holiday Reservation or Sponsorship is appreciated.

Order your Lulav & Etrog

etroglulav.jpgWe are pleased to once again provide you with the opportunity to have your very own Lulav & Etrog set for the holiday of Sukkot.

Orders need to be placed as soon as possible to guarantee availability.


  • Fine Kosher Set: $60
  • Extra Fine "Mehudar" Set: $100

Order here (select "Lulav & Etrog Order" in the event drop down selection). Or reply to this email to reserve. 

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